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Articolul 2 CEDO nu impune ca instanța să poată să verifice o decizie a unui procuror cu privire la faptul că nu sunt dovezi suficiente pentru a justifica o punere sub acuzare

28. Insofar as the applicants argued that, at the very least, the decision that the evidence was insufficient to justify a prosecution should have been submitted for decision by a court, the Court does not consider that the procedural obligation in Article 2 necessarily requires that there should be judicial review of investigative decisions as such. Where such review of investigative decisions exists, they are doubtless a re-assuring safeguard of accountability and transparency. However, it is not for the Court to micro-manage the functioning of, and procedures applied in, criminal investigative and justice systems in Contracting States which may well vary in their approach and policies. No one model can be imposed (see, mutatis mutandis, McKerr v. the United Kingdom, no. 28883/95, § 143, ECHR 2001‑III).

Curtea Europeană a Drepturilor Omului
(Decizia din data de 11 martie 2014, GÜRTEKİN și alții împotriva Ciprului, disponibilă aici)

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