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Un insider din domeniul bancar a sugerat autorului că scopul real al sistemului [de prevenție a spălării banilor] este supravegherea, pentru câștiguri comerciale, a fluxurilor financiare licite din sistemul financiar global în ansamblu

The criminalization of money laundering through transnational criminal law means that today there is a growing global acceptance that it constitutes a harmful criminal activity separate from the predicate offences that produce criminal proceeds. (…) There is still no empirical evidence that greater enforcement and prevention under the umbrella of a strategic commitment to risk assessment and cooperation will protect the financial system from abuse by criminals. It may be that the system serves other purposes, such as simply making it possible to engage in surveillance of illicit usage, something undermined, however, by simply shutting individuals out of the system (denial of service to high risk customers is now common). One banking insider suggested to the author that the real purpose of the system is surveillance of licit financial flows in the global financial system as a whole for business purposes (intelligence). It certainly has the necessary reach.

Neil Boister
(An Introduction to Transnational Criminal Law, Oxford University Press, a doua editie, 2018, la p. 187)

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