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Cu Israel, Uniunea Europeană nu poate comunica pe cale electronică informații clasificate

The EU shares classified information in various manners that depend on the type of security collaboration the EU has with these actors. With most parties the highest level of sharing classified information includes ‘Top Secret’ classification such as Australia, Norway, USA, NATO, but there are also cases where only ‘Restricted’ information is shared such as with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Ukraine. Moreover, there is a difference in the level of sharing electronically which is at the level of restricted with most partners but can also be confidential (USA) or secret (NATO) but also not possible at all to share electronically (Israel, Ukraine, International Criminal Court) (nota de subsol 118: Council of the EU, Policy orientation for negotiating security arrangements with third parties for the protection of EU Classified Information, 7 July 003, Doc 11255/03).

Vigjilenca Abazi
(Official Secrets and Oversight in the European Union, Oxford University Press, 2019, la p. 68)

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