Decizia dacă o dispoziție de drept este sau nu constituțională nu poate fi luată fără a se stabili, în avans, adevăratul înțeles al acelei dispoziții de drept

9 august 2017
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Thus, with respect to all areas of law, constitutional courts arrogate to themselves part of each of the existing governmental monopolies, namely, the power of the parliament to legislate and that of the supreme court to interpret and apply laws made by the parliament. In particular, the interpretative function is of paramount importance for the relations within the judicial branch. The decision whether a statutory provision is constitutional cannot be taken before the real meaning of that provision has been established. This must be done by the constitutional court.Ordinary, that court would follow the interpretation already established in the jurisprudence of the supreme court. Sometimes, however, the constitutional court may be confronted with multiple possible interpretations and may be tempted to indicate which one is constitutionally correct. (s.n. – M. M.-B.)

Lech Garlicki
(Constitutional courts versus supreme courts, ICON, vol. 5 nr. 1, 2007, la p. 48)

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