Dreptul cetățenilor de a nu asculta de decretele regale contrare legii

10 august 2017
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Within Europe, legal text began guaranteeing some rights as early as the twelfth century. In Spain, the Kingdom of Leon in 1188 confirmed the rights of the Assembly, the right of an accused to a trial, and the inviolability of life, honour, home and property.
In Hungary the Golden Bull (Aranybulla, 1222) created the framework for an annual meeting of the Diet. Like the Magna Carta, the Golden Bull was issued at the insistence of the nobility, largely to safeguard their rights, but its final provision assures the rights of individuals to disobey royal acts not conforming to the law.

Dinah L. Shelton
(International Human Rights Law, ed. Edward Elgar, 2014, la p. 17)

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