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Documentele Wikileaks sunt admisibile ca documente-probă pe rolul unei instanțe naționale (hotărâre februarie 2018 Curtea Supremă a Marii Britanii )

On 8 February 2018, the UK Supreme Court held unanimously that a Wikileaks document is admissible in a domestic court. The Wikileaks document in issue purported to be a copy of a diplomatic cable from the US Embassy in London summarising a meeting between US and British officials. In reaching their decision, the Court had to interpret the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations 1961, which provides that a document and archive of a diplomatic mission is “inviolable”. The importance of this case, the lack of any strong precedent anywhere in the world, and its broad ramifications, led the Court, unusually, to sit as a 7 member panel.

Robert McCorquodale
(Wikileaks Documents are Admissible in a Domestic Court, postare pe blogul EJIL: Talk! în data de 21 februarie 2018)

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