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Etica avocatului îi cere acestuia să apere criminalii și teroriștii cu aceeași vigoare cu care ar apăra un copil inocent

What Are Lawyers’ Ethics?

Ethics is a branch of philosophy concerned with how people make good and right decisions on problems with a moral dimension. In most people’s everyday lives this is not problematic; they follow their own conscience. They may have to live with some criticism if people disagree with their choices, but they probably are not troubled by the fact that others have a different moral perspective. Members of various occupations are sometimes required to make decisions that go against others’ idea of what is right in ordinary situations. These people are professionals. Lawyers, together with doctors and the clergy, form a triumvirate of learned occupations that most people regard as professions.
Professionals often perform a vital role in society. They undergo extensive training for their work. They are often inducted into a moral system that seems to stand at odds with the standards of everyday life. These systems are often written down in codes of professional ethics. Among professionals, lawyers have one of the most controversial moral systems. It requires them to defend murderers, abusers and terrorists with the same vigour as they would defend an innocent child. (…)
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Andrew Boon (pentru a vedea cine este autorul, click aici)
(Lawyers’ Ethics and Professional Responsability, ed. Hart, 2015, la pp. 3-4)

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