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În jurisprudența sa, CEDO a stabilit numai un standard foarte general în ceea ce privește independența puterii judiciare față de celelalte puteri

In the case law, the ECtHR has only set a very general standard for the independence of the judiciary from the other powers of government. As already noted, it has emphasized that the repartion of powers doctrine does not require states to comply with any theoretical constitutional concepts regarding the permissible limits of the powers’ interaction (nota de subsol 282 cu trimitere, printre altele, la Sacilor Lormines v France, paragr. 71). The Court also stated that the separation of powers is not decisive in the abstract.

Geranne Lautenbach
(The Concept of the Rule of Law and the European Court of Human Rights, Oxford University Press, 2013, la p. 165)

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