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Într-o decizie ce privea supravegherea tehnică, Curtea de Casație din Belgia a considerat că principiul securității juridice nu se opune aplicării retroactive a deciziei Curții Constituționale deoarece …

In one other case, on the technique of surveillance in criminal proceedings, the Court of Cassation also considered the legitimate expectations of society concerning legal norms and the obligatory demands of legal certainty. The Court decided that these two principles were not violated by the retroactive effect of the preliminary ruling. Despite the fact that the preliminary ruling occurred one year after the case in point originated, the plaintiff should have known that the Constitutional Court would declare the legislative lacuna unconstitutional. The Court based this consideration on the number of preliminary references regarding this article pending before the Constitutional Court (cu trimitere la Cass 9 iunie 2009, AR P090054N).

Sarah Verstraelen
(The Interplay of Temporal Effects of Judicial Decisions within the Belgian Legal Order în The Effect of Judicial Decisions in Time, Intersentia, 2014, la p. 51)

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