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Politicieni din toate partidele politice importante din Germania și-au pierdut astfel titlul de doctor

Implications of the scandals

The cases of academic malpractice discussed here have had a number of implications.
The degree of scrutiny levelled at doctoral theses of public figures (and politicians in particular) has increased immensely. In the wake of the zu Guttenberg affair, plagiarism detection and documentation software has appeared on the internet, sparking a real frenzy of public ‘plagiarism hunting’. This led to a number of politicians from all main political parties being stripped of their doctorates, while other alleged cases of plagiarism were dismissed after investigation. This, in turn, has caused debates about integrity in research and the nature of good academic practice, hitherto unseen in mass media (Weber-Wulff et al., 2014).

Hubert Ertl
(Plagiarism in doctoral theses as ‘occupational risk’ of government ministers? The debate on good academic practice in German doctoral education in the light of high-profile plagiarism cases, Oxford Review of Education, vol. 44, nr. 5, Octombrie 2018, la p. 620)

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