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Pentru Barry Rider, corupția este …

As a result, the best way we currently have to describe corruption is to imagine it in a figurative way as a multi-faceted and tentacular evil creature that has the power to infect every aspect of our society. Barry Rider has expressed this concept excellently:

„Corruption is something that we all had to live with since Eve took the first bite of the serpent’s apple, and it is but one manifestation of our human greed and insecurity […] The fact that corruption is within us all, like the potential for violence, deceit and no doubt lust, does nothing to mitigate our responsability as a matter of morality, good governance, and even self-interest in survival, to control and curb it.” (Barry Rider (ed.), Corruption: The Enemy Within (Kluwer Law 1997, la p. 1).

Constantino Grasso
(The dark side of power: corruption and bribery within the energy industry in Research Handbook on EU Energy Law and Policy, ed. Elgar, 2017, la p. 238)

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