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Nu numai ubi societas, ibi ius ci și ubi societas, ibi constitutio

Nevertheless, the extreme proposal of a historical-universal concept is offered by Gunther Teubner, who states: ‘not just ubi societas, ibi ius, as Grotius once said, but ubi societas, ibi constitutio’ (nota de subsol 17: Teubner, Verfassungsfragmente, p. 63 [English Trans: Constitutional Fragments, p. 35 – only here the reference to Grotius appears]).

Marcelo Neves
((Dis)Solving constitutional problems: Transconstitutionalism beyond collisions în Contested Regime Collisions: Norm Fragmentation in World Society (coord. K. Blome, A. Fischer-Lescano, J. Franzki, N. Markard, S. Oeter), Cambridge University Press, 2016, la p. 172)

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