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Sunt pe lista creditorilor într-un computer undeva (insolvența – ultimul as toxic din mânecă))

„Didn’t you sue?” asks Ryan, looking interested. „Could you get some money out of them now?”
I shake my head. „They went bankrupt”.
It was like the last, toxic ace up their sleeves. After they’d ignored all my invoices, all my emails, even my visits in person to their office, they filed for bankruptcy. I’m on a list of creditors on a computer somewhere. And I couldn’t afford to carry on. I couldn’t get any more credit and I definitely wasn’t turning to Mum again. Farr’s Food was over.

Fixie Farr
(caracter în cartea Sophie Kinsella, I owe you one, ed. Bantam Press, 2019, la p. 70)

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