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Deținerea de către judecător a unor acțiuni la compania uneia dintre părți nu înseamnă automat încălcare art. 6 CEDO

The objective test may also be infringed where the judge has a personal interest in the case. A financial interest will disqualify a judge as not being impartial (cu trimitere la Petur Thor Sigurdsson v Iceland 2003), although there will be no breach of Article 6(1) if the interest is disclosed and the applicant is given an opportunity to object (nota de subsol 839: D v Ireland, 11489/85, judge owned shares in defendant company). (s.n. – M.M.-B.)

D. J. Harris, M. O’Boyle, E. P. Bates, C. M. Buckley
(Law of the European Convention on Human Rights, Oxford University Press, august 2018, la p. 455)

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