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Totuși, în prezenta cauză, nu exista nicio dispoziție de drept care să stabilească un anume termen. Această lacună nu avea cum să fie suplinită, prin interpretare, de instanțe

54. At this juncture the Court reiterates that the lack of a sufficiently precise and foreseeable statutory provision may be remedied by domestic courts giving a clear and precise interpretation (see Apostolidi and Others, cited above, § 70; and Nacaryan and Deryan, cited above, § 58).
55. However, in the present case there was no statutory provision setting the time-limit for lodging requests to purchase State-owned flats. This lacuna in the law could not be remedied by the practice of the domestic courts.
56. The Court also notes that following the abrogation of the time-limit set by section 20(1) and (2) of the APTSO, it was up to the Croatian Parliament (as the legislature), or the Croatian Government, to set a new time-limit, which they failed to do. The Court agrees with the view expressed by the Constitutional Court that “the non-existence of a time-limit for taking a certain action … cannot be interpreted to the detriment of a party who had to take such action” (see paragraphs 25 and 26 above). In this connection, the Court also reiterates a principle established by its own case-law: that the risk of any mistake made by a State authority must be borne by the State and any errors must not be remedied at the expense of the individual concerned (see Gashi v. Croatia, no. 32457/05, § 40, 13 December 2007; Stolyarova v. Russia, no. 15711/13, § 49, 29 January 2015; and, mutatis mutandis, Radchikov v. Russia, no. 65582/01, § 50, 24 May 2007).

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Curtea Europeană a Drepturilor Omului
(Hotărârea din data de 16 februarie 2016, Vijatovic v Croația, CE:ECHR:2016:0216JUD005020013, disponibilă aici)

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