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Chiar și o omucidere ar putea să se afle sub competența Procurorului European, dacă …

Even more challenging, however, would be the demarcation of crimes affecting EU financial interests. It becomes evident by the far-reaching jurisdiction of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO). According to Art. 22(3) of the EPPO Regulation, the jurisdiction of the EPPO extends to all other criminal offences which are inseparably linked to the criminal offences of the PIF Directive. The inseparable link with PIF offences constitutes an autonomous term of EU law. It is neither necessary that the associated offences are based on financial motives, nor that the offences are functionally related to PIF offences. The literature therefore lists an exemplary case in which even a murder for reasons of covering up a financial offence would fall under this category (nota de subsol 90: see D. Brodowski, Die Europäische Staatsanwaltschaft – Eine Einführung, Strafverteidiger 2017, p. 684, 687)

Lukas Staffler
(Towards a New Chapter of the Taricco Saga, European Criminal Law Review, nr. 1/2019, ed. C. H.Beck, la p. 79)

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